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Cardboard Green Bay Road Map

Cardboard Green Bay is a project sponsored by Proto and the Brown County Public Library.  Working with area youth (Age 12 to 18) we are building a large scale model of a portion of downtown Green Bay for display at the library and possibly other venues who would be interested in displaying the model.

The initial area being modelled is bound by Monroe Street, Main Street, The Fox River, and Walnut Street.  Depending on interest this area may be expanded or other areas may be modelled in a similar fashion.

The model is being built at a scale of 200:1.  At this scale a city block is approximately 24” x 24”.  The model is being built in multiple phases as shown below.

Phase 1 (In Process June 2016 through December 2016)

Phase 1 involves teaching team members surveying techniques, indirectly measuring the height of buildings (using simple trigonometry), converting units, scaling dimensions, measuring, cutting and joining cardboard.  During this phase buildings are being modelled as simple cardboard boxes large enough to contain the entire building

Phase 2 (Planned for December 2016 through June 2016)

Phase 2 involves rebuilding the buildings representing the overall major shape of the building with multiple roof heights (if applicable) and the actual “footprint” of the building being represented.

Phase 3 (Starting Summer 2016)

Phase 3 involves adding more architectural details to buildings, this may involve adding 3D printed components where required.  Phase 3 also involves embedding some technology elements into the model, this may include features like LED lights, working stoplights, powered automobiles, etc.

Phase 4 (Timing To Be Determined)

Phase 4 is a stretch goal at this time and would involve the addition of an augmented reality component to the model.  Working with outside resources actual photos of buildings as they appear today or as they appeared in the past may be added.  Viewers of the model would access these features through a smartphone application.