1. Move BIG truck to tiny dock.

2. Move BIG crate off BIG truck onto tiny dock.

3. Uncrate and tilt BIG laser cutter onto it’s side.

4. Remove base and hoses.

5. Slide on blankets into tiny elevator.

6. Ponder life on the slow ride to third floor.

7. Slide out of elevator and rotate onto casters.

8. Easy push down hall and into place.

9. Replace base and hoses.

10. Tip upright and place where you are sure to move it again.

11. Read manual.

12. Thank all those that helped get us into this awesome mess: Cornerstone Foundation, WPS Foundation, Rotary Club of Green Bay, Commercial Horizons, Nicolet Bank, Richard and Diane Rockhill, Wayne and Sue Hornberger and the awesome librarian that is Molly!