Proto was happy to send another team to compete at the North Coast Marine Manufacturing Alliance Sea Perch Robotics Competition. This year’s team named themselves “It Might Work.” (They said this turtle is from a show that I should recognize, but it is still a mystery to me)

It certainly did work, because the team won! We are now advancing to the National SeaPerch competition in Atlanta, GA. Before the national competition on May 19-20, the team will be dedicating their time to improving and testing designs and documenting their innovations. In order to pay for pool rental, mentorship, equipment, and transportation costs, the team needs your help! Check out our GoFundMe page, and help us reach our $2500 goal. We are over halfway there!

Back to the team themselves, they are a group of six kids from different backgrounds who have worked diligently on creating a removed operated underwater vehicle (ROV). The ROV was made of PVC with water-proofed motors and a tethered control box. The team was tasked with navigating the ROV through a series of obstacles and hoops, so they needed something light and mobile, but powerful. The team is currently working on refining the buoyancy of the ROV, because one of the main parts of the challenge is to lift block and rings from the pool floor and place them on raised hooks. This has proven to be one of the more difficult parts of designing the ROV, but is something the team is working at before nationals.

The SeaPerch competition was created as a way to help students learn about science, engineering, robots, and math while having the hands-on experience of building a ROV. This not only helps with STEM experience, but with building problem solving and teamwork skills. Its focus is on ship and submarine design, and encouraging students to explore naval architecture and engineering. The name derives from a highly decorated World War II submarine, the USS Perch.

We are so proud of this hardworking team, and very excited to travel to Georgia in a few months.