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Proto is proud to announce Camp Contraption, youth programs this summer focused on a variety of areas, for more information click here.

Proto’s mission is to build creativity, confidence and grit in our youth through hands-on, STEAM-focused projects, workshops and teams.

We encourage curiosity, collaboration and innovation in a hands-on, inclusive and organic environment.  We strive to support a dynamic circular process of mentoring and learning that creates connections between young and old, community and industry, and ultimately interests and careers.

Proto, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) youth-focused makerspace that puts real tools and materials into the hands of kids (generally grades 4 – 12) in a safe and supporting environment. While learning the use of traditional tools, digital manufacturing, coding, electronics, robotics and design, they are also developing the soft skills and grit that are crucial to success in the 21st Century workforce.  

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